Top 4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Water Heater

Top 4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Water Heater
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Water coming out cold? Is your water heater old? Hot water is something you don’t think twice about, until you don’t have it. Hot water is vital in a household. We use hot water all day long from showers, baths ,hand-washing to cooking, laundry, and dish cleaning.

At minimum we use our plumbing 20 times a day and that number multiplies to the hundreds when you add multiple family members. This stresses how much a functional water heater is needed. Keep in mind that water heaters have a life expectancy and nothing last a lifetime. The life expectancy of a traditional water heater is about 10-15 years while tankless models can last up to 20 years. Here are the top signs that it might be the right time to replace your water heater:

1. Muddy or Rusty water:

If the water coming out of your faucets is rusty/muddy or sandy it can mean your water heater tank has built-up sediment. You can rectify it by simply draining the contents of the tank. If rust is still showing up in the water, then it’s one of the clearest signs that you need a new water heater. Rust and corrosion happen in the tank when the tank walls are exposed to water and heat for several years. So, rusty water coming out of the tap can be a reminder that your water heater is getting old.

2. Water Heater Leaking:

If your water heater has reached the end of its life expectancy there is a chance you can start to see water on the floor around the tank area. It means your water heater is leaking. Leaks are mostly the result of high-pressure buildup inside the tank. It means the unit’s relief valve is not working properly. Depending upon the location of the water heater in your house, water leakage can cause significant damage to your property.

3. Noise:

You shouldn’t hear your water heater, small noises are normal. But if your water heater is producing a loud rumbling, banging, or knocking sound call Western Rooter it means it may be time for a replacement. As your water heater gets older, rust and other sediment accumulates at the bottom of the tank. When sediment gets heated, it hardens and starts producing a rumbling sound.

4. No Hot Water:

Feeling a sudden burst of cold water in the middle of a warm shower. What an awful feeling! It could be the heating element in your water heater has burned out. If you aren’t getting hot water in your home time to call Western Rooter! We can help diagnose if this is a simple repair or if a replacement is needed.

If you are experiencing any of the 4 signs above the first step is to schedule a free visual estimate with Western Rooter. This will help you get an idea if your water heater has more life left in it or if a replacement is the only cost-effective choice. Call Western Rooter 626.448.6455 , we got this!

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