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ghost flushing scary toilet
Plumbing Tips

What Is Ghost Flushing – And How Do You Stop It?

If you're experiencing ghost flushing in your home, don't worry! This blog post provides helpful tips on identifying the cause, fixing the problem, and preventing future occurrences.
a graphic showing food being dumped into a garbage disposal
Plumbing Tips

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Is your garbage disposal causing problems? Learn how to extend its lifespan, troubleshoot common issues, and decide between repairing or replacing it with tips from Western Rooter & Plumbing.
an overflowing slow sink drain in bathroom
Plumbing Tips

What Causes Slow Bathroom Sink Drains?

Struggling with slow bathroom sink drains? Learn the common causes, DIY solutions, and when to call a professional plumber. Keep your plumbing system running optimally with Western Rooter.
3 signs you need hydro jetting
On The Job

What’s A “Rooter” In Plumbing?

Discover the importance of rooters in plumbing maintenance, their types, benefits, and proper usage. Trust Western Rooter experts for efficient, cost-effective plumbing solutions.
a person fixing a leaky faucet in the bathroom sink
Plumbing Tips

Leaky Faucet? Here’s A Quick Fix…

Learn how to fix leaky faucets and prevent costly repairs with these helpful tips from Western Rooter & Plumbing. Contact us for expert guidance.
This washer drain is clogged and spilled water all over the floor.
Plumbing Tips

What should I do if my washer drain is clogged? 10 Tips

Oh no! The washer drain is clogged. What should I do? Don’t worry! Keep calm. We...
A P trap is named after its shape, which resembles the letter "P" when viewed from the side. It is the most commonly used trap in residential plumbing.
Plumbing Tips

What is a drain trap? About Drum, S, and P Traps

A drain trap in plumbing is a device that is used to prevent sewer gases from...
Sewer Pipe is leaking in yard
Plumbing Tips

How to Tell if Sewer Pipe is Leaking in Yard

A sewer pipe leak in your yard can cause a lot of damage and pose a...
Shower smells strange after running water.
Plumbing Tips

Why a Shower Smells Strange After Running Water

If you’ve noticed your shower smells strange after running water, it’s important to identify the cause...
How often should I replace the plumbing in my house?
Plumbing Tips

How often should I replace the plumbing in my house?

Asking yourself, “how often should I replace the plumbing in my house?” It’s a common question....
A reliable plumber in Arcadia, California is easy to find if you call us at Western Rooter!
Plumbing Tips

How to Find a Reliable Plumber in Arcadia

When it comes to finding a reliable plumber in Arcadia, California, there are several things you...
Bryce resets an earthquake gas shut off valve after a seismic event
Plumbing Tips

How to Reset an Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve

An earthquake gas shut off valve is a safety device that automatically shuts off the gas...
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