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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Minimize disruption with our trenchless sewer line repair services. Efficient, non-invasive solutions to fix your sewer lines quickly.

We recommend you consider trenchless sewer repair as a way of repairing your sewer lines without digging up your yard.

Our Trenchless Sewer Line Repair techs can perform maintenance and repair on your sewer lines – give us a call now for a quick estimate! Our expert plumbers can restore sewer pipes and waterlines efficiently and effectively using a variety of advanced techniques.

Trenchless sewer line replacement and repairs usually take less time than digging trenches, and they’re less intrusive techniques keep your lawn, landscaping, patio and more intact. this saves you time and money. Repairs are permanent, and meet or exceed industry standards.

Here are some scenarios where you would need trenchless sewer repair:

Pipe bursting trenchless sewer repair:

Pipe bursting works by simultaneously breaking apart the old pipe (even cast iron) and pulling behind the new pipe.

To learn more about pipe bursting techniques check out TT Technologies pipe bursting methods and pipe bursting materials.

TT Technologies is the world leader in pipe bursting equipment and experience. Since 1980, thousands of miles of pipe have been successfully replaced using pipe bursting equipment from TT Technologies.

Pipe lining:

Commonly referred to as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), pipe lining is where a pipe is created within the existing pipe.

To learn more about pipe lining techniques check out Perma-Liner. Perma-Liner (PLI) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment & materials in North America. Since 1999 PLI has developed systems to rehabilitate existing sewer systems without excavation.

What Is a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

When you think of repairing your sewer pipes, chances are your first thought is traditional sewer repairs. Traditional repairs involve removing large portions of your property’s walls, flooring, foundation, or yard to access and then repair or replace the pipes. 

Trenchless sewer repair allows our professional plumbers at Western Rooter the ability to access your sewer pipes without having to remove large chunks of your property or dig trenches in your yard. With trenchless technology, we’re able to restore your pipes while being gentle on your property.

How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

When we conduct a trenchless sewer repair at Western Rooter, we start by digging two small access holes on either side of the sewer line that needs to be repaired. One hole is the starting point for the process while the second hole is the exit point. A cable is fed through the existing pipe. On one end of this cable, we’ll attach your new sewer line. Our trenchless sewer repair technology will pull in the new sewer line using an advancing wedge that breaks off the old sewer line to make way for the new one.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is the preferred method of repairing and replacing old or damaged sewer lines because it doesn’t have as big of an impact on the property. Digging trenches into your yard can not only damage your landscaping but can also damage any trees or plants that may be on your property, too. 

What’s more, trenchless sewer repair is more efficient and cost-effective. Our professional plumbers at Western Rooter are able to access your pipes quickly without having to perform additional labor to dig them up. Additionally, there’s no need to restore your landscaping, foundation, flooring, or walls once the repairs have been completed because these parts of your property were never disturbed.

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