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Gas Leak Detection & Repair

Detect and repair gas leaks promptly with our expert services. Ensuring your home’s safety and peace of mind. Call us for fast, reliable help!

Can a plumber fix a gas leak?

Looking for reliable gas leak detection plumbers? Western Rooter has dedicated licensed plumbers for gas leaks who specialize in leak detection!

Not all plumbers are certified to find and repair natural gas leaks, but Western Rooter has plumbers who are certified and trained in gas leak detection and resolution.

If you or someone in the home smells a strong odor – like sulfur – you must leave the building and contact your gas company to stop service immediately. Then call Western Rooter’s qualified gas leak plumbers and gas leak detection technicians to find and repair the problem quickly and affordably – we will give you a free and easy quote over the phone today.

Gas Leak Detection - Western Rooter

Why would you need a gas leak detection, or gas line installation?

There are many situations where you should hire a plumber to install your gas line. For example, if you are installing one of the following appliances, you should give us a call to make sure it gets done correctly:

Western Rooter will give you a free estimate, a stress-free experience, and a warranty that assures you the job was done right.

With gas pipes, the stakes are too high for DIY. If your home’s gas lines aren’t up to code, if you want your lines extended or new gas lines installed, or for quick gas leak repairs, call Western Rooter at 626-448-6455.

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If you’re having plumbing issues or emergencies, contact Western Rooter & Plumbing online or call our dispatch center at (626) 448-6455. We are the Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley’s number one plumbers – don’t wait, call now!

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Local, reliable Gas Leak Detection & Repair.

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