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Keep It Hot: Water Heater Installation & Repair Season

We can tell a lot of homeowners are asking themselves, “is there an expert plumber who can handle water heater installation near me?” this time… (keep reading)

Tankless Water Heater

We can tell a lot of homeowners are asking themselves, “is there an expert plumber who can handle water heater installation near me?” this time of year. We get a lot of questions about water heater repairs, installation, and about our service area, from new customers around the first signs of cold weather. To make high hot water demand season a little easier for everyone, we’re ready with some of the most commonly asked questions to help you keep it hot:

7 common water heater questions:

  • Can I install a water heater myself?
  • Do I need a plumber to replace my water heater?
  • How much does it cost to have someone install a water heater?
  • How can I maintain, or extend the life and/or efficiency of my water heater?
  • How long should a water heater last?
  • Is there a difference between different brands of water heaters?
  • What’s the difference between a tankless water heater and a conventional water heater?

Answers to 7 commonly asked questions about water heaters:

Can I install a water heater myself?

The short answer to this question is yes. It’s possible for some homeowners to handle water heater installations by themselves, if they happen to have all the right equipment, expertise, and knowledge of local code, let alone any licenses which might be required to handle things like electricity. To put it simply, while it’s possible for some homeowners to handle installation themselves, it’s simply not safe, nor ideal for most homeowners.

Do I need a plumber to replace my water heater?

Many homeowners like to work with a trusted handyman. We understand. Handymen and contractors — they’ll both work on your property, but there are reasons why we recommend working with an experienced plumber when replacing water heaters. We explain why in this article, Hiring a Handyman for Plumbing? To put it simply, we intend no disrespect to handymen when we say this, but in our opinion, all plumbing, sewer and gas lines should be handled by a professional plumber. Expertise and specialized equipment are essential in situations when even the smallest of failures could mean a substantial amount of damage, and loss in property value. Additionally, licenses, warranties, and legal requirements are important for accountability.

How much does it cost to have someone install a water heater?

For up to date prices and estimates, please refer to our published price sheet. We also have some commonly requested estimate ranges published, as well, including conventional and tankless water heater installation starting prices. For conventional Bradford White Water Heaters (Made in the USA), installation starts at $1,395. For tankless water heaters, installation starts at $1,800.

How can I maintain, or extend the life and/or efficiency of my water heater?

We recommend a yearly flush and inspection of tanks, at the very least. For tankless, we also recommend a yearly flush and cleaning of isolation valves. Electric water heaters may need their anode rod replaced every 2-5 years. Gas water heaters should have their burner checked every year.

How long should a water heater last?

Traditional, tank water heaters, manufactured by Bradford White (made in the USA) will usually last for about 6-10 years. Tankless water heaters made by Noritz are rated for 12-20 years of service.

Is there a difference between different brands of water heaters?

Yes! Very much! We often are asked if we can install a water heater purchased through Home Depot or Lowes. We can. However, there is a reason we consistently recommend Bradford White, and Noritz brands.

Bradford White water heaters are made in the USA. This means there is no compromise on quality. Bradford White makes their products to be the best. They have a longer service life than the next leading manufacturer, and a reputation for durability. Bradford White backs up their quality with a standard 6 year warranty.

Noritz and Rinnai tankless water heaters are from Japan, where precision, innovation, and quality of manufacturing matters. Noritz was the first company to invent the modern, tankless water heater, and since then they’ve produced high quality heaters that are affordable, and energy efficient. Noritz is still the leading manufacturer of tankless models. Rinnai has become one of the largest manufacturer of gas appliances in the world in part because of their reputation for manufacturing quality tankless water heaters. Both Nortiz and Rinnai back up their tankless models with a standard 12 year warranty.

What’s the difference between a tankless water heater and a conventional water heater?

Tankless heaters heat water instantly whenever you open a tap, on demand, and they produce the same 120°-125° F temperature as a conventional water heater. The difference is tank water heaters will store and heat water even while it’s not in use. This means, for most homes, tankless appliances will be more energy efficient, and longer lasting than conventional models because they only operate while hot water is needed.

Another key difference for most home owners is that tankless water heaters supply a virtually unlimited amount of hot water on demand. If a tank water heater is emptied it must refill, and heat a full tank of water before more hot water is available.

Do you have any questions for us?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We offer free visual estimates during standard office hours. As well, many of our existing, loyal customers will likely attest, we’re expert plumbers, and we know a lot about water heaters! This is what we do.

Water Heater Installation Water Heater Installation Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Tankless Water Heater Tankless Water Heater

Reviews from our customers

You don’t have to take us at our word though. Check out these customer reviews

“THANK YOU DANIEL! We appreciate your awesome friendly service! No longer in search of hot water, Daniel came to the rescue and repaired our 60 gallon water heater…. His kindness and knowledge was reassuring in what could have been a $$$$ situation! Thank you for your timely and efficient service!”
Darlene H.

“We had no more hot water, so I checked the water heater and found that the pilot flame was out. I followed the instructions on the water heater to try to relight the pilot flame but it didn’t work. I called Western R&P the next morning around 7am and scheduled an appointment for 10am-noon. Vinny called around 10am and told me he would arrive in 10 minutes. When he arrived, I explained the issue with the water heater and he checked it and gave me some options to replace the pilot ignition assembly first, and if that didn’t work, then we would have to replace the electronic gas valve unit. Since my water heater was over 10 years old, I opted to replace the entire unit rather than trying to repair part by part. The estimate I was given was fair (didn’t feel like the lowest and wasn’t the highest, although I didn’t put in the time to compare by calling other plumbers since I wanted to have hot water back the same day) and he would be able to remove the old heater, install the new heater, and haul away the old heater in a few hours. Vinny worked pretty efficiently and cleaned up after his work and my home had hot water again by 1pm. All the paperwork is electronic so there are no receipts to lose for the standard 6 year warranty. I’d be comfortable with calling Western R&P when I have plumbing needs in the future.”
Ricky L.
San Gabriel, CA

“Western Rooter has always been professional and courteous. I have used them for various services such as toilet and faucet installation, and tankless hot water heater maintenance. Highly recommended!”
Katherine C.

“Responded very quickly to help me with problems I was having with my water heater. Gave me some self-maintenance tips so I can avoid similar issues in the future. I recommend!”
Kenneth A.
Sierra Madre, CA

“Kevin H. and Daniel W. were fantastic. We had a crack in one of our basement pipes and the water heater was venting CO into our basement. They installed a tankless water heater as our replacement. They were honest, kind, and thoughtful, and shared their expertise with us, so as customers we were educated as well! They were so pleasant to have during a semi-stressful situation. We will request them from now on!”
Lauren R.

“Our water heater wasn’t working so I called and they had a technician out the same day. Very professional from scheduling to repair. I’ve used them before for a larger job and the quality of work second to none. I highly recommend them.”
Jimmy C.

“I shopped for quite a few places for a place to install a new water heater…. from How depot to places in Fullerton and somehow i ended finding this place that is a few blocks from where i live!!
First of all, great customer service over the phone. Pleasant to speak to and doesn’t feel pushy sales person trying to get your business. When the technician came, he was very nice and courteous. Gave me a quote and did not push me to get it done right away. He explained everything to me and the type of heater they carry and was very patient with all my questions.
They were not the cheapest but not the most expensive either, and after reading countless reviews of other plumbers, you don’t want the cheapest ones either.
I called again and decided to go with them, again great customer service over the phone, helped me with an appointment quickly and the installation was as smooth as it can be. The technician came with another person to help us haul away the old tank – it must have weighed a ton because it lasted almost 12 years, imagine the sediments inside…
So far so good. Hope there is and won’t be any problems. But they made me feel at ease, especially when they are not pushing for a sale.”
Andrew W.
Arcadia, CA

“I have used these guys three times now and I have been very happy. They come during the scheduled time and they’re very professional. Richie O. did a great job fixing my toilet and draining my water heater Thank you!”
Laura D.
Rosemead, CA

Would like to say that this Company is the best Plumbing Company I have ever dealt with!! Besides their awesome technicians and professional office staff no job is to small!!! I moved from the valley some time ago after retirement. I had a very good relationship with this company and have to this day kept in touch. I now live up by the Great Lakes and live in a area somewhat prone to tornadoes so we have basements. Long story short, I had a problem with my water heater and contacted John B. for some technical advice. He figured my problem out over the phone!! So, because my water heater was still working but who knew for how long….I decided to have a back up on hand. After having problems trying to find a replacement, I again talked to John B. to try and find a suitable replacement. John said let me research the specs on the old one and I will call you tomorrow. John B. called me and told me he could get me a replacement drop shipped to my house. And he meant it, it arrived today and will work out perfectly when the old one dies out. I have never in my life expected to be able to call a company in So California and have them take care of my Plumbing problems all the way in Wisconsin!!! Now that is customer service!!!! Thank You John B. And thank you Western Rooter!!!! I highly recommend this company for all your plumbing needs!!!
Danny M.
Chino, CA

Questions about water heaters? Give us a call!

No job is too big or too small. We can handle conventional tanks, and more energy efficient tankless water heaters. If you have any questions, whether it be about maintenance or if you’d like to receive a free estimate for an installation or replacement, please call us, anytime, at (626)448-6455. We’re happy to help you keep it hot.

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We’d like to remind our customers we’re always available for emergency services, anytime you need us. However, we also like to recommend to our customers who are price conscious, for the lowest cost price, the most savings, and to ensure homeowners don’t overpay, please schedule service calls during standard office hours.

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