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The Importance of a Good HOA Plumber

Choosing the right plumber can be overwhelming. With so many companies to choose from and with many different offerings and criteria, how do… (keep reading)

The Importance of a Good HOA Plumber

If you have a good HOA plumber, then you’re ahead of the curve! Selecting a plumber for property projects is only the first step in solving plumbing problems, but it’s an important one. Building a lasting and working relationship with your plumber —and all vendors–  is a step that is often overlooked and it helps prevent problems from arising in the future. However, choosing the right plumber can be overwhelming. With so many companies to choose from and with many different offerings and criteria, how do you know you’ve made the right choice?

It’s clear that not all plumbers are created equal, but the differences lie in more ways than pricing. When it comes to selecting your HOA plumber stick to the following guidelines.

Find a 24/7 Company: Emergencies happen at all hours of the day. Pipes burst, backups occur and panic sets in. With a company that has a 24hr dispatch, you’re able to begin solving problems as quickly as possible, rather than waiting for the morning. Fast-acting service reduces damage and further problems when issues do occur.

Find Someone Who Makes Suggestions: Preventative measures help save money. Find a company that is willing to walk around the property with you and assess if any updates or changes need to be made. Suggestions like these help prevent major emergencies and reduce the number of emergency calls made in a year. Find a plumber who attends HOA board meetings and creates relationships with the current HOA board. These lasting relationships have a hugely positive effect. Find a Company who will attend board meetings. A plumber willing to attend board meetings is someone who cares about the property. At board meetings, not only will they be able to make suggestions and answer questions, but they will create a relationship with board members, something all properties should have with their contractors and vendors.

Find Someone who is Licensed and Insured: Any decent property manager will tell you not hire a company or contractor that is not properly licensed and insured. Contractors need to have a license in order to pull permits from the city, without permits projects may stall which wastes time and money. Insured contractors should have liability or workers comp to protect the HOA from property damage or injuries that may occur while working on your property. Without insurance, the HOA or homeowners may have to pay those fees out of pocket.

Find Someone Local: Local companies can not only respond to calls more quickly they know neighborhoods and are often involved in the community. By supporting local businesses you’re giving back to your own community helping it thrive and prosper.

So where do you start? In the San Gabriel Valley, Western Supreme Rooter is a premier family-owned plumbing company that offers 24/7 live dispatch, is licensed and insured and completes property walks to assess if anything needs replacing or repair. For over 35 years Western Supreme Rooter has been the plumbing service that homeowners, HOAs and companies have turned to for all their needs including emergencies, updates and inspections. Call today, and begin your relationship with Western Supreme Rooter.

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