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Sewer Back-ups & Repairs, 8 Helpful Facts & Myths

Sewer Back-ups & Repairs, 8 Helpful Facts & Myths
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Hydro Jetting, front water jets blast blockages, like roots in a sewer line, while the back jets clear debris and pull the jetter forward.
Hydro Jetting, front water jets blast blockages, like roots in a sewer line, while the back jets clear debris and pull the jetter forward.

Our customers often ask us why Hydro Jetting can’t solve all sewer back-ups. As a general maintenance strategy, we usually do recommend Hydro Jetting. However, eventually all things break down, and a sewer line will need to be replaced. When that time comes, there are options to consider and choose from. We’d like to address some common misconceptions about sewer line replacement methods, to help our customers understand those choices.

Facts & Myths About Sewer Back-Ups & Repairs

MYTH: Sewers last forever because they are made with indestructible materials.
FACT: Sewers were designed for a 50 year life span. Further, roots, unstable soil and disturbing of the pipe bedding contribute to the decay and destruction of sewer pipe. Eventually, they will wear out and break down, sooner or later.

MYTH: Continued cleaning of root infested, and grease clogged sewers is the only fix I’ll ever need.
FACT: While grease can easily be cleaned out, over time, roots grow bigger and bigger until they finally collapse the pipe.

MYTH: Digging up and replacing the old pipe is the only permanent solution.
FACT: Jointless and trenchless pipe rehabilitation lasts as long or longer than many new sewer materials used to replace sewers.

MYTH: Lining the pipe will make my pipe smaller and impede the flow.
FACT: Lining increases the flow capacity because the liner has no joints to slow the flow and the friction is reduced because of the smooth surface. This is documented by testing and the results are published.

MYTH: I’ll have to leave my home as the process will take several days work.
FACT: While conventional replacement takes days, trenchless solutions don’t. Without the cost and labor of digging a trench, repairs can be completed the same day they are started, allowing the sewer system to be useable again rapidly.

MYTH: New technologies haven’t been proven.
FACT: The first lining project was performed over 40 years ago, and is still in service with no deterioration of the pipe. Testing of the material demonstrates a life in excess of 50 years.

MYTH: Sure, testing by the manufacturer can show any results they want.
FACT: Testing of the product has been completed independently by the TTC at Louisiana Tech, IAPMO, IPC ICC, NSF, California Greenbook, and many independent labs for various user agencies.

MYTH: Lining replacement isn’t as strong as new PVC plastic pipe.
FACT: All lining processes use resin materials that test as strong or stronger than PVC sewer pipe.

Sewer Back-Ups & Repair Methods, The Choice is Yours

Roots are a common cause of sewer back ups congestion, but we have solutions!
Roots are a common cause of sewer back ups and congestion, but we have solutions!

When your sewer back-ups occur because of grease, hydro jetting is an ideal solution. Hydro jetting can even handle some root intrusion, but if roots are the cause of sewer back-ups, eventually some choices will need to be made.

Regular Hydro Jetting scours sewer lines clean, is especially effective at clearing accumulated grease, and is an effective maintenance strategy for roots. However, as effective as it can be for sewer back-ups, eventually all sewer lines wear out, and need to replaced.

1. Defer fixing the problem by setting up a scheduled cleaning program to stay ahead of the continued root growth or scale until the line inevitably collapses. This solution is cost effective, and requires less labor, but requires regular attention and can’t fix a broken sewer line.

Pipe Bursting: Trenchless Sewer Repair
Trenchless Sewer Repair vs Traditional Sewer Repair

2. Dig up the old pipe and lay a brand new pipe from the house to the street. This solution will restore a sewer to performing like the day it was first installed, but it is often the most expensive and invasive method.

3. Perform a pipe bursting sewer line replacement. This method is less invasive and costly than digging a trench to replace the entire line.

4. Line the pipe with the CIPP lateral lining method. This method is less invasive and less costly than digging up and replacing a sewer line, but it can’t be performed after a collapse.

5. Coat the pipe with the AIPPR Coating process. This method is less invasive and less costly than sewer line replacement, and unlike CIPP lateral lining methods, it can address piping with tie-in issues.

We’re Here to Help

We understand a lot of this technical knowledge is new to many of our customers. But we’re happy to help educate about options. This is what we do!

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