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Beat the Summer Heat: Essential Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Los Angeles Homes

Summer in Los Angeles can be extremely hot. While we try to stay cool, it’s easy to forget about our plumbing. However, the heat can… (keep reading)

Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Summer in Los Angeles can be extremely hot. While we try to stay cool, it’s easy to forget about our plumbing. However, the heat can cause several common plumbing issues, like pipe leaks and water heater problems.

Taking care of your plumbing during these hot months is important to avoid costly repairs and keep everything working well. In this blog, we’ll share essential plumbing maintenance tips for Los Angeles homeowners. By following these tips, you can keep your plumbing system in great shape and enjoy a hassle-free summer.

1. Inspect for Leaks

Checking for leaks in your pipes, faucets, and fixtures is crucial, especially during the summer heat. Small leaks can become bigger problems if left unattended. The hot weather can make existing leaks worse, leading to increased water wastage and potential damage to your home.

To detect leaks, start by inspecting all visible pipes, faucets, and fixtures for any signs of water. Look for damp spots, drips, or puddles. Pay extra attention to areas under sinks and around appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. If you find a leak, repair it promptly. You can use pipe tape for minor leaks or call a professional for more serious issues.

By fixing leaks early, you can prevent water damage and save on your water bill. Regular inspections help keep your plumbing system in top shape, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation throughout the summer.

2. Insulate Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes, especially those outside or in unheated indoor areas like basements and attics, are vulnerable during the summer. The intense heat can cause the water inside to overheat, increasing the risk of pipe bursts and reducing water flow efficiency.

Insulating these pipes helps regulate their temperature, preventing them from getting too hot. It also helps maintain a consistent water temperature and reduces the risk of bursts. Foam pipe insulation is affordable and easy to install, making it a practical solution for protecting your pipes.

To insulate your pipes, measure the length and diameter of the pipes you need to cover. Purchase foam pipe insulation sleeves from your local hardware store. Simply cut the insulation to the required length and slip it over the pipes. Secure it with duct tape or pipe insulation tape. This simple step can protect your pipes and improve your plumbing system’s efficiency during the hot summer months.

3. Maintain Outdoor Plumbing

Summer is the season for outdoor activities, so it’s crucial to check your outdoor plumbing. Inspect faucets, hoses, and sprinkler systems for any signs of damage or leaks. Leaks can waste a lot of water and increase your bills.

Start by turning on each faucet and hose to check for leaks. Look for cracks, drips, or puddles around the connections. If you find any issues, repair them promptly. Replace damaged hoses and use hose washers to fix leaky connections.

Installing timers or smart irrigation systems can help conserve water. These devices ensure your garden gets the right amount of water without overdoing it. Watering early in the morning or late in the evening can also reduce evaporation, making your irrigation more efficient.

4. Service Your Water Heater

Summer is an ideal time to service your water heater. Regular maintenance ensures it runs efficiently and lasts longer. One important task is flushing the tank to remove sediment that can build up over time.

To flush the tank, turn off the power and water supply to the heater. Connect a garden hose to the drain valve and direct the water into a bucket or outside. Open the valve and let the water and sediment drain out. This helps improve the heater’s efficiency and lifespan.

Professional water heater maintenance is also highly recommended. A professional can inspect the heater, check for potential issues, and perform any necessary repairs. This ensures your water heater operates smoothly, providing you with hot water throughout the year without unexpected breakdowns.

5. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Keeping your gutters and downspouts clear of debris is essential, especially during summer. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage during summer storms, causing roof leaks and foundation issues.

Regularly check your gutters and remove leaves, twigs, and other debris. Use a hose to flush out any remaining dirt. Make sure the downspouts direct water away from your home’s foundation.

For easy maintenance, consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from accumulating. Regular cleaning ensures proper water drainage, protecting your home from potential water damage during the rainy summer months.

6. Conserve Water Wisely

Summer often means higher water usage, but you can reduce it with a few simple steps. Encourage shorter showers and turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. These small changes can make a big difference.

For your garden, use drip irrigation or soaker hoses to water plants efficiently. Watering early in the morning or late in the evening reduces evaporation, ensuring your plants get the moisture they need.

By conserving water, you help the environment and lower your water bills. It’s a win-win for everyone!

7. Prepare for Vacations

Before heading out on vacation, take steps to prevent plumbing issues while you’re away. First, turn off the main water supply to avoid any potential leaks or bursts. Next, drain your pipes by opening faucets and flushing toilets to clear out the water.

It’s also a good idea to ask a neighbor or friend to check on your home occasionally. They can catch any problems early and save you from returning to a plumbing disaster. Taking these precautions ensures you can relax on your vacation without worrying about your home’s plumbing.

8. Schedule a Professional Inspection

Professional plumbing inspections are crucial before the summer heat hits. A skilled plumber can identify and fix potential issues that you might miss, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Scheduling an inspection with Western Rooter is a smart move. Our experts will thoroughly check your plumbing system, repair any leaks, and offer advice on maintaining efficiency. 

Regular maintenance can save you from unexpected problems and costly repairs, giving you peace of mind throughout the summer. Contact Western Rooter today to schedule your inspection and keep your plumbing in top shape.


Taking care of your plumbing during the summer is essential to avoid costly repairs and ensure everything runs smoothly. By following these tips, you can prevent leaks, protect your pipes, maintain your water heater, and keep your outdoor plumbing in top shape. These simple steps can save you money, conserve water, and give you peace of mind.

For professional help, don’t hesitate to contact Western Rooter. Our expert plumbers can provide thorough inspections and maintenance services to keep your plumbing system running efficiently all year round.

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