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7 Most Common Plumbing Problems New Homeowners Face

7 Most Common Plumbing Problems New Homeowners Face

Plumbing issues could delay your enthusiasm for acquiring your dream house in Southern California. We want to warn you that your new home is not immune to these problems.

Even though it is relevant in various aspects of day-to-day living, plumbing is typically overlooked as an inconsequential component of the home. As a new homeowner, you should inspect the plumbing fixtures and regions of your new house. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of preventative maintenance of these components.

Problems with plumbing can range from being as minor as a dripping faucet to being so severe that the entire plumbing system needs to be disassembled, reinstalled, and reconfigured at the cost of several thousand dollars. It is common for some defects in the house to remain undetected during inspections, manifesting as more significant, more inconvenient problems once the new owners have moved in. This post will provide a breakdown of frequent plumbing concerns that first-time homeowners confront, as well as an explanation of how to resolve those issues.

Running Toilet

Who would have thought that the most noticeable effect on the monthly water bill is the toilet? And yes, your water bill may have been inflated due to this underlying problem.

Various factors might cause a toilet to run constantly, some of which may surprise a new homeowner. When a bathroom continues to run after a regular flush, many people will investigate the tank to find the source of the problem, or they may try adjusting the flush valve. It’s not uncommon to have a constantly running toilet at home. Still, the problem may be fixed in under an hour with the proper knowledge and equipment.

What could be causing your toilet to flush constantly?

  1. There are multiple issues with the toilet
  2. The float is too high
  3. The float valve is damaged
  4. The overflow pipe is cracked
  5. The toilet flapper is worn out

If you believe that your toilet is leaking or running, the following are some things you can do to solve a running toilet:

  1. Make sure the supply pipe is working properly
  2. Empty the storage tank
  3. Examine the flapper for defects

Often, a toilet that won’t stop running can be easily fixed. This can be accomplished by replacing the flapper, adjusting the chain, shortening the tube, or replacing other parts. Even though, in most cases, you will be able to handle this task on your own, it is still in your choice to have a Southern California licensed plumber come out and look at it. This will guarantee that the issue has been handled correctly and that it has been resolved. As a plumbing company in Southern California, we can ensure that we will fix the problem with your running water while giving service on the same day.

Call our professional Southern California Plumbers team if you want to fix the issue with your constantly running toilet.

Leaky Faucets

It’s a plink! The sound of a leaky faucet from your newly bought house. People typically replace the faucets in their new homes because they want something more aesthetically pleasing. The severity of the issue may be determined by the length of time when faucets keep dripping and the valve seat needs replacement. It is vital to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible because the persistent leaking may waste several liters of water, which would be indicated in your account.

Several issues, including a corroded valve seat, problems with the washer or o-ring, or high water pressure, can cause a leaking faucet.

Our Southern California plumbing team can help determine the source of the leaks immediately. Our expert SoCal plumbers understand how frustrating it is whenever a faucet starts dripping for no apparent reason, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if this happens to you. If you know what to search for in a leaking pipe, you can quickly call one of our specialists to fix the problem. There’s no need to worry about your leaky faucet when you have us on the job!

Clogged Drains In The Shower

Most of the time, soap scum balls and hair clumps are the culprits behind clogged shower drains. There is an abundance of do-it-yourself solutions for blocked drains on the internet; nevertheless, you must exercise extreme caution so as not to corrode or damage your plumbing pipes. Doing so would convert a simple annoyance into a significant issue.

When does a drain become clogged, and what are the signs?

  1. A sink overflows, and water does not drain
  2. It takes a long period for the water in the shower to drain, and it often collects in a pool near the drain
  3. It causes the water in the bathroom sink to bubble when flushed
  4. Water backing up from the floor drain and into the sewer
  5. Water in the basement
  6. The pipes are making gurgling sounds
  7. Rotting food smells up kitchen sinks and garbage disposals
  8. A pool of water around fixtures like sinks and bathtubs

If you have any of these issues, it’s time to have a professional come out and unclog your drains. To unclog a drain, shower, toilet, or sink, a plumber must first identify the type of drain used. Correct diagnosis is necessary for restoring drain function.

A Sluggish draining sink

Aside from being an annoyance in and of themselves, clogs can cause more severe issues like backed-up plumbing or flooded basements. A simple remedy, like using your hands, a plunger, or pouring salt and water down the drain, might be helpful to make the drain flow freely again.

If these don’t work, it may be time to hire an expert in drain cleaning service in Southern California to ensure that you don’t break a pipe or a fixture.

Insufficient Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common plumbing issue that can be frustrating to a new homeowner. Though water is coming out of your faucets, it is only enough to make you through the day. Hand washing can be a chore when the water pressure in your sink is low.

Leaks in your plumbing system are a common reason for weak water pressure in your home. Leaking pipes mean the water coming out of your taps is less than it could be. Some leaks are so noticeable that you can tell just by looking at the puddles and damp areas on the floor. As a result of their subtlety, small leaks are often overlooked until they significantly impact a system.

Clogged pipes are another likely cause of low water pressure in a home. This obstruction results from a gradual buildup of trash and minerals inside the pipes. As more and more debris builds up, water pressure drops, and the flow slows. As a result of the blockage, the water pressure in your home may seem to be low.

It is recommended to have a professional plumber in Southern California unclog the pipes in order to restore normal water pressure. Our SoCal Plumbing has the tools and training to remove any obstructions from the pipes.

Not Working Sump Pump

Water that seeps through the soil around a house is collected in a sump pit, which is typically located in the basement. To avoid flooding and subsequent structural damage to your home, install a sump pump.

Because of the fault in your system, water will start to pool in your basement. This can cause serious structural damage. If you want to prevent any kind of damage from developing in your basement due to the presence of water, it is very necessary to give your house defenses against water damage. These defenses might be in the form of waterproofing materials.

If you need an emergency SoCal Plumbing expert to fix the issue with your sump pump or install a sump pump in your newly bought house, we are always ready to provide the service you deserve.

Soaring Water Bills

It is easy to understand why a homeowner would choose to invest their monthly savings into improving their property rather than paying the steadily increasing cost of their water bill. It’s not usual to have your water bills increasing each month, so you need to be cautious with your plumbing system which could be the reason for this excess expense.

That is one of the clearest indications that you have a problem with your plumbing, which will cause you to continue to incur expenses until the problem is addressed. Numerous plumbing problems, such as a ruptured sewer main or a water softener system that is stuck in the wrong mode, can also lead to an increase in monthly water bills. Some of these problems are noted above.

When you doubt your DIY project to fix the issues in your plumbing system, we are always here for you! When faced with a plumbing emergency and you want a smooth transaction with Southern California Plumbing Professionals to rescue you, don’t hesitate to contact us. It is clear that it is more cost-effective to hire a plumber rather than attempt to complete it yourself.

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