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5 Reasons to Routinely Hydrojet Sewer Lines in San Dimas, CA

5 Reasons to Routinely Hydrojet Sewer Lines in San Dimas, CA

Hydrojetting, which is when a plumber uses a 4,000 PSI hydrojet pressure washer to clean tough blockages in sewer lines, is an important task that property managers need to routinely perform in their apartment complexes and duplexes in order to keep tenants happy – and save on repair costs down the road.

Here are 5 reasons why property owners and property managers should hire a plumber to hydrojet their sewer lines at least 3 times a year…

What is hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a technique that hydrojet plumbers use to clean tough blockages in sewer lines. It involves using a hydrojet pressure washer, which can shoot water up to 63 feet away and blast through hard-to-reach clogs with as much as 4000 PSI of force.

How do plumbers hydrojet pipes and sewer lines?

When hydrojetting, plumbers use a hydrojet pressure washer to shoot water up to 63 feet away and blast through hard-to-reach clogs with as much as 4000 PSI of force. It’s important that property owners hire an experienced hydrojet plumber who is licensed by the state in order for them to get the best hydrojetting results.

If you live in San Dimas, CA and need a hydrojet plumber to hydrojet your sewer lines or pipes at least three times per year, call Western Supreme Rooter today!

How long does the hydrojetting process take?

The hydrojetting process usually takes less than an hour and can be done with minimal interruption to your day-to-day routine because it doesn’t involve digging up yards or basements like traditional sewer line replacement does.

A hydrojetter can clean blockages and remove sediment that has gathered in horizontal and vertical lines, as well as clean eroded areas damaged by tree roots.

Why should apartment complex property managers hire a plumber to hydrojet their sewer lines at least 3 times a year?

  1. Hydro jetting a sewer line takes little time and minimal disruption to workday schedules, as it is not as involved as traditional sewage-line replacement. The hydro jetter is able to clean blockages in both horizontal and vertical lines as well as clean lines that have been eroded by tree roots.
  2. Hydrojetting sewer lines is a great way to keep tenants happy by eliminating odors that permeate the property. Hydrojetting can help reduce the likelihood that a clog will occur, which can be a huge plus in terms of repair costs.
  3. Hydrojetting saves water and hydro jetters use only as much water as needed to break through the clog, which is great for those who are worried about conservation efforts. Hydrojet plumbers also don’t have to worry about disrupting irrigation systems or sprinkler heads when hydrojetting.
  4. If hydrojetting is performed regularly at least three times a year it will help prevent the need for more costly sewer line repair or replacement in the future by removing significant amounts of hair and other debris that can accumulate over time and cause clogs down the road.
  5. Hydrojet plumbing is environmentally safe so you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals or causing environmental damage when hydro jetting your lines. Hydro jet plumbers are often quieter than standard plumbers, which can be perfect for those living in nearby properties.
  6. BONUS: The hydro jetter only needs to be rented for a couple of hours, which means that it costs less than traditional sewer replacement because you don’t need to pay someone the entire day to get your lines flowing again!

How often should I hydrojet my sewer line?

Based on average usage, we recommend you hydrojet your sewer lines at least 3 times a year. Most property managers will hydrojet their sewer lines at least 3 times per year, and that helps to prevent grease and other blockages from causing expensive problems in the future.

What can happen if I don’t call a hydrojet plumber?

Over time, your sewer lines can become blocked because of hair and other debris that can slowly accumulate. This can lead to a wide array of problems, which can be very expensive to fix.

Uh-oh! A sewer backup in your property!

A backed-up sewer can be costly because it can require extensive repairs and disrupt the daily flow of your property. Sewer backups can lead to flooding, and if they go unnoticed for too long, they might have to be cleaned by a professional that will cost even more money.

Sewers backing up can also cause illnesses and diseases from bad sewage being exposed to you and your family. They may also damage your home’s foundation or nearby structures from the force of the backed-up sewage.

Sewer backups not only smell bad, but they are unhealthy as well. Your tenants will not be very happy about the odor and risk to their health, and you will not be happy about the extra money it costs to fix them.

If you hydro jet your sewer lines regularly, you will reduce the occurrence of unpleasant odors by maintaining clear pipes. Over time, hydrojet plumbing has proven to be an effective way for property owners in San Dimas, CA to prevent expensive repairs and replacements in the future.

Wrapping up:

If you’re a property manager or owner, it is important to hydrojet your sewer lines at least 3 times per year. Hydrojetting cleans and clears grease and grime from the pipes that can cause costly repairs down the road.

Not only will this save money in future maintenance costs, but it also ensures residents are happy because they don’t have to worry about pesky clogs!

And if you’re not sure how often to do it – call Western Rooter & Plumbing today! We provide affordable rates on professional hydrojetting services so all landlords and managers should be taking advantage of our service now before things get worse later on.

It’s always best to prevent problems instead of waiting for them to pop up!

Call Western Supreme Rooter & Plumbing now to schedule a time for a plumber to hydrojet your sewer lines!

When you need hydro jetting done on your San Dimas home, contact Western Supreme Rooter & Plumbing! We provide 24-hour hydrojetting and plumbing service, 365 days a year.

Call (626) 448-6455 with any emergency issues you might have!

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