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Sewer Video Camera Inspection Plumbers in Glendale, California

Western Rooter offers sewer video camera inspection services in Glendale, CA to help identify problems with your home or property’s sewer line.

We do more than clear your Glendale, CA sewer drains...

Our Glendale, California plumbers use sewer line video inspection cameras to detect problems in sewer lines underneath the ground without having to excavate the earth and look underneath it. Check out our quick explainer video, below:
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What is a sewer camera video inspection?

Specially-made fiber optic cameras allow our technicians to visually inspect a pipe and pinpoint a problem in piping, without having to dig up the earth. In some cases, we’re able to do a spot repair, rather than replace piping, saving our customers in Glendale, CA time, money, and frustration!

Video camera inspection allows our Glendale, California plumbing experts to correct obstructions cost-effectively by identifying blockages from the ground level.

This means that we don’t need to dig up your yard to figure out what’s going on with your sewer line.

Obstructions and build up can lead to chronic flooding & property damage issues, resulting in interruption of services & business. Western Rooter’s sewer video camera inspection pinpoints the depth and physical location from the surface so that defects and obstructions can be corrected cost-effectively.

Sewer cam inspections are also useful for realtors to make sure there are no underlying sewer issues in the Glendale, CA homes being sold. All inspections are delivered with a DVD of the sewer pipes, for reference and reassurance.

Diagnose What's Causing Your Plumbing Problems...

When there’s something wrong with your home’s plumbing system, but you’re unsure of what might be causing the problem, a sewer video camera inspection can be just what you need. At Western Rooter & Plumbing, our team of professionals will conduct a sewer video camera inspection in your pipelines, which involves running a video line through either your home’s sewer line or branch lines.

The camera at the end of the video line allows our plumbing technicians to see your sewer line in close detail so we can see any and every potential issue. Common problems that we can catch with a sewer video camera inspection include clogs, tree root intrusion, pipeline corrosion, and pipe shifting.

Many homeowners like sewer video camera inspections because they’re easier and more affordable than digging up the pipeline. These inspections are also more efficient and prevent any necessary property damage such as cutting into drywall to access the pipes.

Get Faster Pipeline Repairs...

With the help of sewer video camera inspections, our professional plumbing technicians at Western Rooter & Plumbing are able to quickly and efficiently make repairs to your home’s plumbing system.

For instance, when we’re able to detect a clog in your sewer line with our cameras, we can then use hydro jetting to accurately get rid of the clog.

Prevent Pipeline Damage...

Another advantage of sewer video camera inspections is that they enable customers to see what has caused the clog in their pipeline. The most common causes of pipeline clogs include hair, soap, small objects, grease and other cooking oils, food waste, mineral buildup, toilet paper buildup, and sanitary products.

When customers are able to identify the causes of these clogs, they can later prevent clogs and pipeline damage by keeping these items from going down the drain.

If you have a clog or suspect pipeline damage at your home, give Western Rooter & Plumbing a call today. We’ll be happy to schedule a sewer video camera inspection to help diagnose your plumbing problems.

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Fiber optic sewer camera inspection:

Watch John from Western Rooter demonstrate how we run a fiber optic cable into your sewer line to diagnose sewer problems from ground level.

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