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Pipe Bursting Plumbers in Los Feliz, California

Looking for a professional Pipe Bursting company to fix your main line in Los Feliz, CA? Look no further than Western Rooter!

We've provided professional pipe bursting services to the Los Feliz, CA community for more than 30 years.

Pipe bursting is a method of trenchless sewer repair that eliminates the costly and time consuming effort of digging trenches. Old pipes are broken apart in place, while a new sewer line is installed in its place.

Older Los Feliz, CA homes and commercial properties are more susceptible to broken pipes which can lead to even bigger and more expensive problems which will eventually need to be fixed. By solving the problem at the source and replacing pipes, we are able to save you time and money.
Pipe Bursting - Western Rooter

How we perform a successful pipe bursting job:

Before the new sewer line can be installed, two small holes are dug at either end of the sewer run. A cable is run through the sewer line, with a pneumatic jack at one end, and a pipe bursting head at the other end.

The bursting head is attached to a new sewer pipe, and as the bursting head pulls through the old line, it both breaks up the old pipe, and pulls through a new sewer line.

Even cast iron can be replaced with this method!

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Advantages of Pipe Bursting

The old method of pipe bursting was a pretty straightforward method but it usually meant a large mess and that’s not ideal.

It involved digging up the new pipe, taking it out, and replacing it with the new pipe. This is disadvantageous because it could potentially ruin a large portion of your yard depending on the size of the pipe. It is also much more time-consuming and expensive. These are all things we want to avoid for your benefit.

Today’s method of pipe bursting is much more efficient:

How exactly does that work? Imagine a drinking straw. Now take a pen and force it through one end. Eventually, that straw would break apart.

The straw is the old pipe and the pen is the new pipe, and both are underground. Theoretically, a string would be pulling the pen through that would cause the old pipe to burst and replace the old one. Although, this is a much more simplified version of what would actually happen.

Our trained pipe bursting plumbers are experts at this process and ready to take on any job.

What causes Los Feliz, CA homes pipes to burst?

Old sewer lines are more susceptible to pipe bursting because they are often made with cast iron and clay, which corrodes & cracks.

These old sewer lines eventually crack and fail to drain properly. Roots and debris make their way into old lines, and cause repeated obstructions. If your drains are constantly getting backed up, even after having been cleared, your sewer pipes my need replacing. It’s best to handle this ASAP, to prevent contamination of the land on your property.

Pipe bursting is particularly suitable for old pipes which have many broken spots.

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