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Backflow Testing in Pasadena: What Is It and Is It Necessary?

Backflow Testing in Pasadena: What Is It and Is It Necessary?
backflow testing

When you’re using water in your home in Pasadena, the water you’ve used drains out away from your home in one direction and fresh water comes in through another direction. However, sometimes your water can flow in the reverse direction. This is called backflow.

Backflow can be a major health risk not only for you and your family but also for the local potable water supply, which can become contaminated. But how do you prevent backflow from happening, and how do you know if it is happening? Western Rooter and Plumbing provides backflow testing for Pasadena homeowners and those in the surrounding areas to help ensure that your home, neighborhood, and city are safe and secure.

How Does Backflow Testing Work?

When a plumbing technician performs backflow testing, they’re testing the valves on your backflow prevention device. These valves are called the gate and relief valves. Our plumbers will close the valves and analyze the device for any signs of leaks, gauge movement, and more. If your backflow prevention device meets the necessary criteria, it passes the backflow prevention test. When backflow prevention devices show any signs of gauge movements or leaks, our technicians will recommend that you have your backflow device replaced to ensure your safety and the safety of the local water supply.

Is It Legally Required to Have a Backflow Prevention Device?

It’s not only legally required to have a backflow prevention device installed in your home but it’s also necessary that these backflow prevention devices are installed in accordance with local building and plumbing codes. The law typically requires that your device has a reduced pressure principle device (RP), a double check (DC), and an air gap. It’s essential to have your backflow prevention devices inspected and checked at least once a year in Pasadena. The good news is that you don’t need to be home when you have your backflow prevention device checked as long as the device is accessible to your plumbing technician.

How Do You Know If You Have a Backflow Testing Problem?

If you suspect that you have a problem with your backflow prevention device, it’s important to make sure you contact Western Rooter and Plumbing as soon as possible to fix the problem. Some of the most common signs that you may have a backflow problem include:

  • Slow water flow: One of the possible signs that you may have a backflow problem is that you have low water pressure. However, it’s important to make sure you contact your local plumber at Western Rooter and Plumbing because slow water flow can also be a warning sign that you have a clog.
  • Change in Water Color: Another potential warning sign that you have a backflow issue is that your water has changed from clear to a brown color. Sometimes backflow problems can turn the water a shade of pink or yellow.
  • Bad Smell or Taste: If you notice that your water has a strong, sulfur-like smell or a bad taste, it could be a warning sign that you have a backflow problem in your water line.

Even if you’ve already had your annual backflow testing conducted by our professional plumbers at Western Rooter and Plumbing, if you notice any of the signs above, it’s important that you reach out to our plumbing technicians as soon as possible. Backflow can be hazardous to your health and the health of others.

What Are the Benefits of Backflow Testing?

When your water seems fine, you may think that backflow testing is unnecessary. However, that isn’t true. Not only is backflow testing legally required for the safety of Pasadena residents but backflow doesn’t always show warning signs. You may have a dysfunctional backflow prevention device and not even know it. Proper backflow testing once a year helps to ensure that your device and your water are as safe as possible. Of course, that’s not the only benefit of regular backflow testing. Other advantages of backflow testing in Pasadena include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Backflow testing is relatively inexpensive and it’s a very simple inspection that takes a short amount of time. Our plumbing technicians at Western Rooter and Plumbing will take a quick look at your backflow prevention device to check for any potential warning signs that something could be wrong. Compared to other types of water testing, backflow testing is one of the easiest ways to ensure you and your family have safe drinking water.
  • Easy to Schedule: As we mentioned above, you don’t necessarily need to be home when your backflow testing is being conducted unless the backflow prevention device is inside of your property. Since backflow testing doesn’t require anything complicated, you don’t need to stress about scheduling your test and you won’t have to wait at home all day like you would for a cable guy.
  • Protect Your Health: Finally, the number one most important benefit of regular backflow testing is that it protects your health, the health of your family, and the health of other residents in Pasadena. Backflow can be hazardous, allowing harmful bacteria and sewage to make its way into the public water supply. Backflow prevention devices help keep these harmful contaminants away from the water.

How Do I Install a Backflow Prevention Device?

If you’ve just moved into a new property and that property doesn’t already have a backflow prevention device installed, you’ll want to contact your local plumbing technicians at Western Rooter and Plumbing to come to install your device. It isn’t recommended to install your backflow prevention device on your own because you need to make sure the device is compatible with your home’s water source. Professional backflow device installations also ensure that your backflow device is properly installed. If you do it yourself, you could run the risk of installing it incorrectly, which could lead to gauge issues, water leaks, and backflow.

How Long Does a Backflow Prevention Device Last?

Unfortunately, like many plumbing devices, backflow prevention devices don’t last forever. The average backflow device typically lasts anywhere from three to five years depending on the device. Annual maintenance is necessary and sometimes repairs can help to keep your backflow prevention device running more efficiently for a few more years before it needs to be replaced. Old backflow prevention devices are more prone to failure and water leaks. Approximately one out of every 10 homes in the U.S. has a water leak. Backflow testing ensures that your backflow prevention device is always in great shape and that it’s properly replaced when it becomes too old or it’s irreparable.

Ready to Install Your Backflow Device?

When you’re looking to install your backflow prevention device in Pasadena, our experienced and professional team at Western Rooter and Plumbing has you covered. We have years of experience in the plumbing industry so you can feel confident we’ll get the job done right. Whether you need your backflow prevention device installed, replaced, repairs, or maintained, we have the knowledge and skills you need. If you’re ready to have your backflow device tested or installed, be sure to reach out to our team at Western Rooter and Plumbing today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about backflow testing and backflow prevention devices.

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